The annual Wazee – Vijana tie takes place on Saturday 29 November 2008 at the Lions Den.

To qualify as a player for Wazee, one must be 26 years or older while the Vijana will consist of players aged 25 years and below.

The Wazee camp is in fine fettle, raring to take on the Vijana.

However, there are questions surrounding the age of some “Vijana”. A report leaked from the Immigration Department reveals Sebastian Shivoka’s passport application filed in 1998 stating he has 19 at the time.

Harun Lubisia is much older than he looks, reports reveal he is closer in age to John Ojara who has played for KCB since its inception in 1989.

Philip Wamae was in the first batch to sit for the KCSE examination in 1989 but he features prominently among the “Vijana”. One of two things, he must be a genius who froze time or a blatant age cheat.

Mike Walekhwa is awaiting the results of a carbon dating test done at the National Museum that will determine whether or not he is eligible to play for the Vijana. He claims he lost his identity card, but he always seems to lose it around this fixture.

Victor Andanje sung in the Nairobi Primary Schools mass choir in 1987 at Kasarani aged 12 and features for the Vijana. Hardly 25!

Will the Wazee, average age 27,overcome age cheating from the Vijana, whose average age is 33, and prevail in this annual fixture? Come to the Lions Den on Saturday 29 November to find out.

The next update looks at the reasons behind “Vijana’s” age falsification.